Champions Place

The Creation of Champions Place

For young adults with physical disabilities, there are few, if any, shared living communities that provide the opportunity to live independently.  There is a recognized need, both locally and nationally, for a unique, cost effective independent living alternative that would enable these special individuals to lead productive lives in their community.  To address this unmet need, Champions Community Foundation Inc (CCF) was formed and Champions Place was created.   Combined with the existing Titan Wheelchair Sports Program, which is also under the CCF umbrella, residents of Champions Place will also have access to athletic and social activities, as well as the opportunity to participate in service projects in their local community.  This Champions Place community will accommodate 16 residents.  These individuals will be young adults with a variety of physical disabilities, some who need support and some who do not.


Our Purpose

Matt, Ashley and Sharon

Champions Place will provide young adults with physical disabilities a safe and secure living environment, while providing direct personal support for each individual.  Our shared living community will promote independent living in an interactive environment offering opportunities to work and volunteer in the local community, as well as the opportunity to participate in social and recreational activities.  We will strive to make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of these young adults and their families, as well as the community in which they live.


Community Education and Awareness

By enabling these physically challenged young adults to live independently and actively participate in the community, the foundation will also enhance society's overall awareness of special needs through a higher level of engagement.  Community involvement is essential to our mission and we look forward to creating lasting connections, providing these individuals the opportunity to serve and be served within their local community

Ryan at Work

Ryan at Work

Kylie at Work

Kylie at Work

A sustainable, Cost Effective Approach

We are confident the Champions Place model will work for the following reasons:

It’s Efficient and Cost Effective

Champions Place Rendering

Champions Place Rendering

By utilizing Shared Community Support Services (funded through Medicaid), qualified roommates will have the ability to share the cost of personal staff.  Combined with a reasonably-priced rental unit, this approach will provide young adults with physical disabilities a safe and cost effective alternative to living at home with their aging parents, enabling them to live productive and independent lives in their community. 


It’s Sustainable

Our fundraising plan is $4,300,000 per shared living community, includes the following:

  • 100% funding of capital costs upfront ($3.3M)
  • Reserves of $1M including:

    • $500K for an operating expense reserve

    • $500K for a maintenance reserve.

  • Residents and their families will have "skin in the game".  As a group, they will be required to participate in fundraising efforts with an annual goal of $175K (these funds will be used to maintain reasonable monthly rent for each resident).

  • The mission and vision will be protected long term due to board governance.  A majority of the board are required to be charter trustees elected by the board of Mt Pisgah UMC, a 185 year old institution that has several similar partnerships with 3 other successful nonprofit organizations.

It’s Scalable

  • Upon successful implementation of this first Champions Place community, it is our intention to expand this approach to additional communities.  

  • Demand is strong - there are no options for these families today other than to keep these young adults at home supported by aging parents.  

  • With scale comes additional cost efficiencies – we will leverage this to improve the model over time.