“What is the first thing you'll do in your new body in heaven?

A Story That Needs to be Told

$45,000 left to match the Geier family donation

Every other Saturday afternoon, before each Titan wheelchair sports scrimmage, up to 30 Titans and youth volunteers gather for a short devotion…to share their challenges and fears, but also their hopes and dreams. This special time is called Power Half Hour and it is led by three young men, Garrett with spina bifida and Derek and Josh, both who have cerebral palsy. These young men are affectionately known by their peers as “The 3 Wise Guys”.

Meet the 3 Wise Guys... (video)

The topic being discussed on a recent Saturday was heaven, and the first question asked by Derek was, “What is the first thing you are going to do in your new body in heaven?”. The six youth volunteers, invited to sit in wheelchairs and join the discussion, perked up when they heard this question - their eyes scanned the circle of Titans wondering who would speak first.

I want to dance with my dad!
— Parr

The first to speak was Kyle who yelled out, “I want to see Katie!”. You see, Katie had been part of the Titans for seven years before she passed away earlier this year. As others thought about Kyle’s wish, a coach asked Alyson what is the first thing she would do. Alyson replied, “I think it would be cool to stand.” Then Parr, whose father was listening in the bleachers, added, “I want to dance with my dad!” The six volunteers sat… listened…and began to understand the faith and strength ingrained in these young adults with physical disabilities.

Then other Titans began to raise their hands as they enthusiastically shared their hopes too…Matt spoke up, “I want to run with Buddy Girl and Pogo!”…his two Canine Assistant dogs he had loved so much in earlier days. The best was kept for last – with confidence, Kylie added, “I want to see Jesus!

Everyone should have hope for their lives here on earth and in heaven. Champions Place will provide young adults with physical disabilities a place to live safe, productive and independent lives in our local community. Just as important, our local community will experience their hope and strength, and it will be changed for the better.

There's $45,000 left to match the Geier family donation.  
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Please join the Geier family and other generous donors who are making Champions Place a reality!  We have raised $205,000 against the Geier pledge to match every dollar donated by March 31, up to $250,000. Please help us raise the additional $45,000!