Titan Fundraising Materials

WHAT: 2019 Publix Half Marathon

WHEN: Sunday, March 17th.


PURPOSE:  Champions Place will be a much-needed hub for the whole Titan community  — with space for all Titans to enjoy social activities, such as cookouts, outdoor movies, and coffee house concerts. To furnish common areas for the whole Titan Community, we are raining funds for things like:

  • Backyard patio and gazebo

  • Fire pit and outdoor cooking area

  • Bocce court and raised garden beds

  • Entertainment systems, appliances, and porch furniture


  • IF YOU ARE ROLLING THE MARATHON - we’ll have prizes for the top three fundraisers

  • IF YOU ARE NOT ROLLING - all non-roller will raise money toward “Team Titan.” If Team Titan raises more money than the 23 Rollers, you will win a (pizza party/ice cream party/fill in the blank) for all Titans after a scrimmage. You’ll also win bragging rights!


  1. Print and hand out the fundraising flyer to everyone you meet and ask them to donate

  2. Send an email to everyone you know

  3. Post a link to the CCF’s Race Fundraising webpage on your Facebook page — www.championscommunityfoundation.org/publix-marathon-fundraiser/