Is this a Public Charity?

Yes.  Champions Community Foundation, Inc is a Public 501C3 nonprofit organization.  All donations are tax deductible as provided by law. 


How do I donate?

OR Checks can be written to Champions Community Foundation, Inc Mailing address:  2850 Old Alabama Road, Johns Creek, GA  30022




If a donor has questions, please have them call either: 

  • Rick Thompson: 678-777-3723

  • Keith Cooper: 404-307-5273


When will Champions Place open?

Our target date for the opening of Champions Place is March, 2020.



Is there a minimum age requirement to apply for residency?

Champions Place is designed for young adults with physical disabilities.  The minimum age is 21 years of age.


How many residents can live at Champions Place?

Champions Place will accommodate 16 residents:


Will there be a more than one community developed?

Upon successful implementation of the first Champions Place shared living community, it is the foundation’s intent to expand this concept to additional communities.


Other than a safe place to live, what services will be available to residents?

To accommodate those who need assistance due to their physical disabilities, there will be assistance available to assist with personal support needs such as bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding, administering medications, etc. These residents will leverage the same Medicaid waiver supported services they receive while living at home today to enable them to work, volunteer and be active in the local community.  In addition to athletic and social events provided through the Titan Program,  it is the intent to have evening activities such as game night, movie night and other small group activities in this shared living community.  Food services will also be available for the residents.


Who will oversee the daily operations of the home and insure the safety and well-being of the residents?

There will be a Residence Manager, Assistant Residence Manager and overnight staff whose focus will be to provide residents a safe living environment. Residents who require personal assistance during the day will leverage the same Medicaid waiver support they receive while living at home today.