What’s going to happen to me?
Where will I live when my parents can’t take care of me anymore?

There are few, if any cost-effective, shared living options available to physically challenged young adults, other than living with family or living in a nursing home.


Champions Place will
completely change the conversation about
where and how Physically Challenged
young adults experience life

Champions Place is a first of its kind shared living concept for young adults with physical disabilities.


✔︎ Viable
✔︎ Leading edge
✔︎ Residential alternative


Champions Place is designed to empower

  • Safe, accessible, and affordable

  • Clearing a path for productive and fulfilled lives

Champions Place is designed to engage

  • Athletic and social opportunities

  • Community outreach events

  • Volunteer engagements

  • 80+ individuals and families

Champions Place is designed to equip

  • Developing partnerships, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Google

  • Incubator of adaptive tools and assistive technologies

Champions Place offers an incredible opportunity for these young, capable individuals to get the support they need and the freedom and opportunity they desire to experience life to its fullest. This shared living concept addresses their feelings of being stuck, isolated, and concerned about their futures.

This is your opportunity!

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You can open the door to new freedoms and possibilities for young adults with physical disabilities!

  • Your generous giving will offer independence to physically challenged young adults

  • The donation you make will create new opportunities for the more than 80 individuals who will use Champions Place as a social hub

  • Your support will make the way for innovations that will literally open the door to independent living for physically challenged young adults around the world

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Give today and open the door to new freedoms and possibilities for young adults with physical disabilities!