Alyson Carter

Alyson Carter


Alyson with a Y – for YES I CAN!!

Alyson Carter is an accomplished young adult who deals with the daily challenges of cerebral palsy. Alyson, who has a degree in Early Childhood Education from Reinhardt University – an accomplishment she is most proud of – is a role model for young adults. Alyson empowers young adults with the attitude that “Yes, I can do anything I set my mind to.” Alyson works at Next Step Ministries in Woodstock, a Christian non-profit organization that serves young adults with special needs. She describes her job by saying “I help to train young adults with special needs in the areas of life skills and social skills.”

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Alyson also enjoys volunteering her time at the Children’s Ministry at her church. In her spare time Alyson likes to read, draw and spend time with friends and family.

Alyson and Titan Kylie

Alyson and Titan Kylie

Alyson recently (May 2015) became involved with the Titans through her friend and fellow Titan, Kylie Moore. Alyson and Kylie met in college. Alyson loves being a part of the Titan family with whom she can relate and whom she says are always there for each other.

“Being a part of the Titans has allowed me to experience wheelchair sports for the first time, and even more importantly, the Titans have granted me the blessing of being a part of a community and family in which I belong.”

We all want to be part of a community where we feel we belong.  Alyson says living in a community like Champions Place would allow her an amazing opportunity to independently live outside her parents' home and to continue to be active in the community around her. Champions Place is a community that will foster involvement in the community, independence, safety and security and most of all a sense of belonging.

When asked where she gets her strength Alyson says, “My strength comes from Jesus Christ and I am so very grateful. His grace is always sufficient for me.”

Alyson with a Y, with your inner strength and His – YES YOU CAN! 

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