Adaptive Technology

Through our developing partnerships with local and national organizations, Champions Community Foundation has the unique opportunity to impact the lives of all physically challenged young adults living virtually anywhere. Champions Place will serve as an incubator for the development of new “adaptive best practices” specifically designed to increase self-reliance and independence.

We will leverage these findings to benefit the many young adults who are still living at home with their parents, in a continued effort to enhance and improve lives and increase self-reliance and independence.

CCF welcomes two major partners in this effort.


Google will provide assistive technology products to enable residents to perform basic tasks on their own.  Utilizing voice or eye gaze technologies, residents will independently operate entertainment devices (TV, streaming services, music, audio books etc), turn on/off lights and fans, open/close blinds, adjust room temperature, call friends and family, and more. Google will also offer select products to the broader Titan community still living at home with their parents.

Tommy Hilfiger will provide and beta test Tommy Adaptive clothing, enabling residents more independence while dressing and further increasing their self-reliance and self-esteem. Tommy Adaptive clothing will be beta tested within the Titan Community as well.